Be Notified

Never miss that Halloween event at school, or the class events you keep reminding yourself of, get notifications of all that happens at school


The app is free for the parents & just at a nominal subscription for the Schools. The intent is to enable ease of communication which we think is priceless.

Never Forget

Be it things to buy for the next assignment or that costume you need to rent, with Skoli you have all the information on you all the time.

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We understand how valuable privacy is to everyone which is why Parents do not have to disclose their phone number or email anywhere while using the app.


Since the school uses a web console, there will be no need for the School to keep updating the system. Latest features will be available automatically.

As easy as Pie

Setting the app is a one step process, simply enter the school PIN and you are good to go.

Mobile friendly Skoli

Mobile friendly

Access using a smartphone

The responsive layout of Skoli web console allows you to post messages using just your smartphone. So late breaking news about the school being shut due to say a storm can be sent easily from wherever you may be.

Be more productive with Skoli

Be more productive

Schedule messages for later

Messages to be delivered in the near future can be entered in advance, knowing well that they will only be delivered  on the desired date, hence leaving you with less things to worry about and more time to be productive

Skoli Analytics

Skoli Analytics

Analyze system performance

The dashboard page lets you analyze the system using metrics like total notifications delivered, total Parents using Skoli, also a quick snapshot calendar which shows items that are scheduled to be delivered and finally the right sidebar shows all recently sent notifications so something doesn’t get sent twice

Meet The Awesome People Behind Skoli

Trupti Berwal
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Trupti Berwal


Rajesh Aphale
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Rajesh Aphale

UX Designer

Snehal Patel
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Snehal Patel


Reena Patel
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Reena Patel

Accounts Mgr


Can i use the app for a free trial period?

Of course, you can contact us and ask for a trial plan, our team will  get in touch with you and get you started for a free 3 month trial plan.

Where can i find documentation for the Skoli web console?

A detailed documentation including demos of all the features and how to use the Skoli web console can be found at

Will more features be added in the future?

Yes, we would be periodically designing new modules or improve upon existing ones which will make life easier for parents or the school administration and include them in our next release.

What is the best way to contact support?

You can email us any queries you have and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.